The nvirohaus adopts the Hempcell system which combines hemcrete,  a bio-composite building material made from hemp shiv (the woody core of industrial hemp) and a lime based binder, together with hemp fibre insulation in a timber module giving the following properties:-

■  Good thermal insulation

■  Excellent thermal inertia

■  Negative embodied carbon

■  Natural materials with low environmental impact

■  Made from renewable/abundant UK materials

Harvesting Hemp in East Anglia  Hemp drying  Hemcrete  Hembuild erection

This natural core of the system has a unique combination of insulation and thermal inertia and these properties in an nvirohaus home designed to Passivhaus standards combine to create a very stable internal environment that need very little heating or cooling.  The combination of natural materials in the system locks carbon into the building fabric thus reducing the embodied energy, a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere in the production of building materials and the construction process and which contributes to Global Warming.