A sustainable revolution

Traditionally, homes in the United Kingdom are constructed on site with components delivered and stacked in whatever conditions our variable weather throws at us.  We expect high quality and high environmental performance – and yet no other industry would expect that this can be achieved by piecemeal assembly on an open site.

Increasingly, legislation to reduce energy consumption and carbon output with ever higher energy prices are demanding improved performance from our homes.  This means higher construction quality which requires a rethinking of our traditional approach.

The nvirohaus sets new standards for the industry, with the envelope of each home constructed in controlled, factory conditions to the rigorous ‘Passivhaus’ standard. The assured quality achieved will provide a comfortable and healthy home with low heating bills.  The package can also include the design, installation and commissioning of low energy ventilation systems to meet the Passivhaus standard.

The recently published Offsite Housing Review concludes that:

 ‘ Offsite construction offers a route to delivering homes that can be built to higher sustainability standards, with potential advantages in terms of build quality, speed of delivery, construction health and safety, energy-in-use, whole-life carbon footprint, and reduced transport pollution. ‘